About the Book

A yearning for love and adventure evolves into a search for the meaning of life. Tony had a passion for travel. What started out as an innocent pursuit for adventure took many turns: through love, tragedy, and disillusionment; and awakened his sleeping soul, setting him on a path of aspiration. THE DIARY OF LADY X, a novel in two volumes, is filled with actual accounts. The story has appeal for a wide ranging reader-ship who will find its characters to be engaging, and its story to be intriguing.

About the Author

Mursalin Machado was born in Santa Cruz, on the central coast of California in 1938. He has traveled throughout North America, Northern Greenland, Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia and the Pacific islands. He has taught middle school in India; worked as a merchant seaman in the Pacific, as a counselor to emotionally disturbed teenagers in England, and became a certified Hypnotherapist in California. His background includes music and art with four years in community theater and seventeen in the film industry. His writing began with stage plays and poetry. The author believes that the experience he gained from meeting people throughout the world, has been the most beneficial, generating the inspiration for his writing.


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